1. The buyer may be an adult person or company.

2. The owner of the store is the company:
J.S.B. TECH Bartlomiej Sochoń
Ul. Baltycka 6c
15-611 Bialystok
NIP: 542-24-23-464
Regon: 200145130
No entry in the records: 78,191 given by the Municipal Office in Białystok
tel / fax: 85 661 62 22



3. Commodity prices include VAT - gross prices are expressed in Polish zlotys. Product price does not include delivery costs.

4. Products offered in the store are brand new, with required approvals and permits authorizing the marketing on Polish territory.

5. You can order using the form on the, e-mail, fax or telephone.

6. The term of the contract usually does not exceed 3 working days. The only exception may order on articles currently unavailable. In this case, the deadline may be extended (in individual cases up to several days), but then the buyer will be informed immediately.

7. Store confirms acceptance of the order via the Internet or by telephone within few hours, while reserving the right to rescind the contract within 5 working days from the date of order. The Buyer will be informed about the situation immediately.

8. Unpopular orders will be realized after paying a deposit set individually.

9. Purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated on the order form.

10. For each purchased product in the store VAT invoice is attached.

11. Placing an order by the Purchaser is tantamount to authorization to issue invoices without having to obtain his signature.
12. By filling out the registration form the customer confirms that contained data are true. Condition of the contract is properly filled form, with the exact address and telephone number. To place an order without registration, simply fill out the appropriate fields on the form when ordering.

13. Visitors to the site do not have to become its user (sign up), registration is voluntary and free of charge.

14. Some of our products may be unavailable at given time or in a different price than on website. About the situation a Buyer will be informed by an employee of the store. In the case of a difference between the sum of your order and the amount on the receipt or invoice, contract of sale may be canceled.

15. Technical information and product descriptions are prepared by our partners and suppliers.
16. All offered products are imported on request of the Buyer.

17. Shop reserves the right to make any mistakes.

18. We can not cancel orders that have already been sent to the address of the contracting authority.


19. The buyer has a choice of payment methods:

a. Payment by cash on delivery for orders not exceeding 5 000 zł.

b. bank transfer to the following account:

J.S.B. TECH Bartłomiej Sochoń
Ul. Bałtycka 6c
15-611 Białystok
CitiBank - 43 1030 0019 0109 8530 0043 6334

20. After receiving the payment on store’s account, the goods are sent, along with an invoice.


21. Moment release of goods is the moment of receiving things from the premises of the JSB TECH and in the case of dispatch to entrust it to the carrier trudniącemu the carriage of goods such (Art. 544 § 1 of the Civil Code). In the case of our store is the courier company is depending on the characteristics of equipment ordered and carried out by your choice. By sending goods to your company J.S.B. TECH provide a method of packing and transportation of corresponding properties of things in particular its inviolability (in accordance with Art. 545 § 1 of the Civil Code).

22. Buyer has the right to choose the method of delivery:

a. Personal collection from seller’s stock.

Sochonie, ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 16

16-010 Wasilków

b. Courier shipping company.

23. Shipping costs are covered by the buyer.

24. The cost of transport is determined by the rates presented in the table below or contained individually in the case of ordering more than one product, on products of larger size, in case of sending goods abroad.

Shipment by courier

to 31.5 kg - bank transfer - 15 PLN
to 31.5 kg – cash on delivery - 23zł
to 40-60 kg - bank transfer - 40 zł
to 40-60 kg – cash on delivery - 60zł

Shipping pallet up to 300kg - 130zł

Shipping pallet up to 300kg cash on delivery - 140 PLN

The above rates are for standard shipping:

height / width / length - 140/80/80

Custom Shipments (in excess of these parameters) - set individually during placing an order

25. During receiving the goods the buyer is obliged to check whether the consignment has not been damaged during transportation. The condition of the complaint is to write down in presence of the courier "Complaint Protocol" at the time of delivery.

The company J.S.B. TECH is not liable for such damage reported after the departure of the courier. Any claim compensation then are settled between the Buyer and the courier and buyer must prove that the damage was caused by the courier.

26. The driver does not bring the goods to the apartment, only unloads the merchandise out of the car!


27. Every goods are covered by manufacturer's warranty. The warranty terms are attached to products guarantee documents.
The warranty for consumer goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the non-conformity.

28. If the received goods will have technical defects, please contact us immediately: or tel. 856616222, 511538996 Please also send a written complaint, in which you must specify the date of notification, an accurate description of the complaint and the return address and phone number.

29. Complaint is accepted only with a proof of purchase.

30. Complaints relating to mechanical damage shipment will be considered only in case of write-off in the presence of the forwarding company representative complaint protocol at the time of delivery.
The protocol must be sent to the store by fax 085 662 62 22 or by email to The shop is not liable for damage caused during transport.

31. The descriptions come from the manufacturers and distributors websites, and despite diligence during their addition may contain misstatements. If you notice an mistake in the description, please contact us:

32. According to the Act 2 March 2000 "About protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products" buyer may terminate the contract and cancel the purchased goods without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of delivery, provided that the product was not used and is in its original packaging. For the returned product must be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal from the contract and the resulting with him a receipt or an invoice. The store guarantees the refund equal to the price of the goods within 14 working days by bank transfer to the account specified by the buyer or by postal order to the address indicated in the order. Shall not be refunded the cost of the return. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the right of withdrawal from a distance contract is not entitled to the consumer in the following cases:
1) The provision of services commenced, with the consent of the consumer, prior to the deadline referred to in Art. 7 paragraph. 1
2) relating to audio and video recordings and written to media after the removal of computer programs by the consumer their original packaging,
3) contracts for services for which the price or remuneration depends solely on price fluctuations in the financial market,
4) The benefits of the properties specified by the consumer in his order or closely associated with his person,
5) benefits, which due to their nature can not be returned or whose subject is perishable,
6) delivery of press,
7) services in the field of games and betting services.

33. We do not accept shipments sent COD.


34. Buyer agrees to the processing and use of personal data for the purpose of the contract.

35. The personal data included in the database store are processed exclusively for their needs and are not shared with other entities. These data are collected with due diligence and adequately protected against access by unauthorized persons, in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. On the Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. of 1997. No. 133, item. 883).

36. Buyer has the right to inspect their data, correct them and demand their removal from the database store.

37. All mentioned products and product names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

38. In accordance with the Act of 29 July 2005 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (Dz. U. No 180, item. 1495) client, buying electrical or electronic equipment, has the right to return its old (used) equipment of the same type to the shop he bought a new product. Customers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us for further details.
Shipping costs are covered by the customer.

39. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the laws on protection of consumer rights and the law on personal data protection.

40. The content of the online shop not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code Art. 543.

41. By placing an order the buyer accepts the above terms and conditions.